Our Profile

We introduce ourselves An I S O 9001-2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY. Our water filters cum RO +UV + UF +TDS ADJUSTER + MINERALS Purification system (De-polluting Equipment) as per WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION STANDARD.
Hydro Pure company is a pioneered water treatment in India and is today the country’s premier company in water and environment management with a strong international presence. Globally renowned company proving reliable solutions to the industry for its water and waste water treatment problems South India. The company was established with the philosophy of continuous innovation and improvement in advance technology.

Hydro pure products and services maintain a technological edge to achieve optimized plant design and complete customer satisfaction. We currently employ eight – multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced professional managers technologists and engineers, supported by a widespread infrastructure in Chennai. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


    Our fundamental mission at INDIA is to ensure that every household has the access to clean, fresh and safe drinking water, for as long as they need it.

    We also believe that safe drinking water should taste great, and should be filled with healthy minerals! We strive to use the most advanced technology and innovative ideas, to make our missions possible.


    To always have the best product in the market. Our missions reflect the lengths we go to in order to achieve this; using the most advanced technology and the latest ideas, to create the perfect water purification system.
    To always give our customers the best service. To build value for our investors, we always work with the first two visions in mind. Satisfaction means better value for our investors.
    This unique product is designed solely for you and your family, so that you may enjoy clean, fresh and safe drinking water forever.